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三.四个层次:词 句 段 文



I think…?

I believe/ argue/ insist/ maintain/ deem/ As I see it,/ In my opinion,/ From my point of view,/ As to me,/ As for me,/ As regards me,/ When it comes to me,/As far as I am concerned,…



It is common knowledge that honesty is the best policy.

It is well-known that…

It is self-evident that…

It goes without saying that… It is universally acknowledged that…


We cannot understand why he was so cruel to his roommates.

The problem is not who will go, but who will stay.


As is shown/ demonstrated/ illustrated/ depicted/ described…in the cartoon/ picture/ graph/ table…,

There are many reasons why I want to study in your university.

It is estimated that tens of billions of yuan is spent on cigarettes every year in our country, which is a huge waste.


When the man is enjoying the cigarette, the smoke becomes a monster (怪物) which will devour him.

Whatever the reason, there are still some problems with student use of computers.


Prof. Kang came to our university, giving us a lecture on how to acquire English better.

Coupled with the growing quantity of information is the development of technologies which enable the storage and delivery of more information with greater speed to more locations than has ever been possible before.


Only through these measures can we hope to solve the problem.

Scattered around the globe are more than 100 small regions of isolated volcanic activity known to geologists as hot spots.


Some measures should be taken to deal with the problem.

He is said to have accomplished a lot of great deeds.

Many people believe that…(It is believed that…)


Do you still remember the boy who cried wolf for several times so no one would trust him?







Pre-writing; While-writing; Post-writing


Writing 1 作文基本结构

Where There Is a Will, There Is a Way

(1) “Where there is a will, there is a way” is accumulated experience we inherited from our forefathers and it is still widely applied to our present life. (2) The idiom proves that we must have a strong will if we want to achieve any success. (3) Without determination, we will be complete failures in life and in our careers.

(1) A case in point is the study of English. (2) Take my neighbor, Xiao Wang, as an example: He is not confident in learning English and he doesn’t have a strong will to learn it better. (3) So the natural consequence is that he often fails the English exams. (4) As far as I am concerned, I firmly believe that I can learn English well and I make a plan to spend five hours a day on English. (5) As it turns out, I have made much progress in learning English, which gives me more confidence in my future career. (6) In a sense, I benefit much from my strong will.

(1) A lesson that can be drawn from the above examples is obvious. (2) A strong will can make a difference between success and failure in our English study as well as in our future career. (3) Therefore, we must have determination in order to succeed.


Directions: For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay cet4v.com University Campus Be Open to Tourists? You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below:

1. 名校校园正成为旅游新热点。

2. 校园是否应对游客开放,人们看法不同。

3. 我认为……

Should the University Campus Be Open to Tourists?

Nowadays, some famous universities have become a hot tourist attraction. Many middle school students and ordinary tourists swarm into university campuses such as Peking University and Tsinghua University. They can enjoy the intellectual atmosphere there and also be a part of it.

When it comes to whether the university campus should be open to tourists, different people hold different views. Some argue that since most universities belong to the country, every citizen has a right to visit them. What’s more, middle school students can have a good impression of the universities, which will set a definite goal for themselves. However, other people maintain that the visitors will distract the attention of teachers and students in universities; therefore, their visit should be banned.

As I see it, the visit brings people both benefits and harms. We should open most cet4v.com to visitors; meanwhile, some private or important parts should not be opened. Only in this way can we satisfy both tourists and universities.